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Marriage Ceremony:

Jazz 101 is experienced in Marriage Quality Managing with Understanding of Celebration and emulsifying the Richness with Pure form of teaching Dance while making every moment memorable; whether it is performance for Couples, Individual, Groups or Family Members by Individual Coaching or Conducting Special Classes.

An Indian wedding without dance is unimaginable. Every ceremony, be it pre-wedding or post-wedding involves dancing. From sangeet (which is an entire ceremony dedicated to dancing and singing) to mehendi, to the wedding, to reception, an Indian wedding is all about dancing! Traditionally, 'dance' has been an expression of celebration in Indian weddings. For generations, wedding dancing has brought families closer and served as a bond of an unbiased union. Whether it has been through group performances, or competition between families, Indians have always taken their dance 'very seriously'.
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About Learning Different Dance Styles:

Jazz101 Makes You Learn Dance with Style forms like Jazz, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Jive, Contemporary, Free Style Jazz101 have different Age Group ( Kids {4 years to 8 years } Junior Kids{8 years to 14 years} & Adults {Above 15 years})

JAZZ: Jazz dance combines elements from tap, ballet, and African-American rhythms and dance. In a Jazz class, dancers are encouraged to add their own personality to make each step unique and fun. Jazz dance is often influenced by other styles and techniques such as acrobatics and Hip-Hop.
Feel of the dance: Classic, Stylish, Energetic and Fun.

Hip-Hop: Hip Hop dance developed on the streets of America, as a result of many dance techniques such as break dancing, popping and locking. These styles are free-spirited, funky, require a lot of energy and attitude and have a lot of quick movements and emphasis on the drumbeats in music.
Feel of the dance: Athletic, Cool, Funky and Fun.

Salsa: This ballroom dance is very sensual and spicy too. Salsa dancing mixes African and European dance influences. It developed in the Caribbean, and has gained a lot of popularity in America and now across the world. Salsa is danced socially and can also be very dramatic on stage.
Feel of the dance: Sensual, Very Dramatic, Romantic and Fun.

Contemporary: Contemporary Dance uses free flowing movement and energy, with balances, leaps in the air, turns in place, movement on the floor, and across the floor. It is based on Jazz and Ballet techniques, but creates unusual shapes with the body. Contemporary dance teaches you to express various emotions through body language and movement.
Feel of the dance: Expressive, Artistic, Innovative, Soulful and Fun.